Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Do you think students should be allowed to use Wikipedia as part of their research process? Why or why not?
What advice would you give to someone looking up information on Wikipedia?


  1. Well, that's a yes and no answer right there. Yes, because if they want to get just a bit of information on something, then they can check the sources of where that information came from and then compare it to other websites and then if they note that they should be able to. No, because if they just want to get their project done quickly and are not really paying attention to what's being said then no. The advice that I would give them is firstly, to make sure what the information they're getting makes sense, secondly, once they get the information then they should compare it to other websites and then site those sources. And, thirdly, I would tell them to probably site another source for back up incase anything unlikely happened.

  2. I think wikipedea is really quit an amazing thing if some one especially a student, a person who douse tones of research wants to use wikipeda i think its fine under sertan rules. Like if i was teaching a history class and some one asked that for righting a paper i would require that they tried looking it up on wikipidea agen but with a slightly different heading or word order just to see how acurit wikipedia is on its self. Then Id also requir a minimum of at least 2 other sorses of some kind. But Id reauir a minimum of 2 sourses for that project iny way so im not hate'n wikipedia its just more like a bounis sours. Someone looking up information on Wikipedia I think should know about how it works and how it gets fix and all that stuff. Not like the name of the founder but the consept of it so they can make ther own opinion on how accurate it is.

  3. this is very simple, i wouldnt use anything that doesnt have cites. if u cant figure out where they got it than you dont know if it accurate. citation means everything