Monday, December 14, 2009

War Games

At the beginning of the movie military officials want to move to a completely automated system for the launch of nuclear missiles, in order to remove the possibility of human error, thinking that machines are more dependable and "trustworthy."

Do you think it's a good idea to trust computers completely, or does there need to be a person doing a "reality check"?

Some people predict that computers will one day be smarter than people, or that they will be able to learn. Do you think that will happen? Why or why not?


  1. i dont know what tech will look like in the future. i think it's a long jump to from what we have now to self thinking computers. personally i think that computers only be as smart as there users. does that mean the original user makes the computer smarter than every one else in the world possibly but highly unlikely.

  2. Well to the first question would be yes and no. Computers in those days mainly depends on how it was made and what it was supposed to be built for. Now these days, computers are obviously different and are built highly powered. Well I think that it depends on whom you compare the person and computer itself too. Depending on the type of computer, and it also just depends on the background of it such as like what it can do, how fast it is and all that. Some humans will not be able to match theme selves.

  3. I do find that a neat observation that i for got. The idea in the beginning, computers control more so theirs less human erer or so thats what they what and in the end its a war agent the computers. The idea of computers being more trust worthy i don't think that word applys in the computer world. I think a computer may be more persistent and reliable in the sents that if you say fire then it will fire but not reliable in the scents it should make discussions do with opinion. Like if the rushions fire 5 misells and lonch 3 subs that a computer should make the final call. I think having a computer think about it is like having more brayns in a group but the computer should just be advise or even just another apinyon. Computers are excellent for calculating like if your in a plane should it tern back and reefule or continue and have a refuler come, that sort of stuff. I think there should always be some human check in big think like cilling half the planet and things like that but fixing your car, i think the computer is more reliable scents it was programed be the real expert. Will the computer have more wit than a human one day. Well my opinion is may be their will be a computer capable of human logek be cos i think than some one will make a clone of some one and not to be nasty but talk the brain and use it as the final say in a computer. In some way hok it to a screen and some how make it electrik in the way we know electronics. For the next fue thousand years I think a computer will be as smart as a human. for humans have all the noleg all the computer duse is store it and what makes people think its so smart i that it can calculat like crazy

  4. What I think is People are Scared to Move on. Bu having a computer do the Work and Have Someone Check over the computer if something would ever happen to the computer is probably a good thing.

    I Would That it's probably true that they will be smarter then us. For one thing they can learn from our Mistakes and Learn from their own.