Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Course reflection

Take some time to reflect on what you've learned during Winterim. Did the class meet your expectations? What did you like? What did you not like? What's one thing that you learned that you'd like other people to know about?

You can respond in a comment here, or send your responses to me in an e-mail.


  1. awe i thought was going to be about tron.

    this did meet my expectations of the class. i liked the movies, and how it was all touch and go, we never stayed on one subject for to long or to short of a time. what i didnt like was the about of tangents we went on for no reason and constant bickering. i like the rss.

  2. For me I kinda didn't know what to expect from Winterum, but the first day we met and were told what we were going to do and now looking back on it we did meet the expectations. What I didn't like was the Google editing stuff, where someone actually blocks someone else. There should not be that option. The constant fail and win thing got us off topic (ALOT.That got more repetitive especially at the end more so then the bickering, but whatever. I did like learning about how to make different kinds of websites, and the times when there was no bickering, or arguments about wins and fails, and the word daisy not being used, good times.

  3. I think this was a Very good Winterim. I Learned a lot of things I didn't know about and Now I know more about the web then I did before. But overall the Class was great and we had some great times even though there was some Bickering. but We Managed and had a good time

  4. I realy LOVED this class. I lerrnd so many things that can help me in school and are just fun. I dont have any bad parts it was all good. Altho Im sory for being to loud at times. I espeshaly like the part about makeing web sites that was my faverit. The class fullfild its promises and expectations and serpassed it i think in parts. The holl thing movis, hands on, lerning from the bord. It all came together in a greeat winterom pakeg. Thank you Ms.Km, i think you realy did a great job espeshaly considering you had so much other work to do but it diden afect the class quality. I have lots to tell and share with my family now and im very pleasd and greatful to you for that.