Monday, December 7, 2009

Collaboration and Copyright

Today we talked about online collaboration and sharing, as well as copyright--both traditional copyright and creative commons copyright.

Why do you think people post their creative works online when they know that people might "steal" them?

Do you think it's right for large companies to be able to pull videos, etc. from the Internet, even though they might fall under fair use (as described in the Disney video we watched)? By pulling these derivative works (even though they may use copyright-protected materials as a base) are these large companies infringing on the new creator's rights?


  1. I dont think any one thinks about there stuff being stolen, all people are thinking about people seeing what you have and liking it and making money if thats the case. not many people look past there noses in these cases.

    i think that any one who is trying to sell or use for personal gain should not be able to take any thing they didnt make UNLESS they are going to change it to a huge extent that no one would be able tell. people who just like the thing and is going just to add to there site, i say go for it, as long as u dont destroy there profits

  2. I believe that most people that post things online don't think about what people well do after. Some people and sometimes even myself feel good about after posting a reply to a question, it just makes them feel powerful I suppose. I think that, they should be allowed and not be allowed. If they're just trying to do something using things from bigger companies, then they should not be allowed. But, if they are willing to pay them some amount of money then making sure it was for something good then yes.
    Yes, these larger companies well get infringed
    because people well try to pretty much ruin/destroy whatever the bigger creator's did.

  3. I Think That thers realy points to all points of view. In some was If i pretend im the big company and some individual takes my add and meses with it and put it on you tube than id be bald'n made. Altho it dous depend on how changed it is. If its totaly different
    than hey i don't care But if ther getting attention and that atetion is puling from my publicity than the thing that was copy rited it shod be removed and possibly the maker should be sued. However i do egre that is tis hard to draw the line on when its different and wen its breaking the copy right. Like the ted talk we wached I think its safe to say that internet is in its infent stages and has much re to be changed.