Tuesday, December 15, 2009


While the plot of Sneakers takes place outside the realm of Web 2.0 communication, it does touch on many of the issues we've been talking about in class, particularly around trust and security.

At the beginning of the movie Martin (Robert Redford) is tricked by two men pretending (quite convincingly) to be from the NSA. It's even easier to pretend to be someone you're not when you're online--how do you decide who to trust online? How can you verify someone's identity when you've never met them in person?

The "black box" that was stolen in the movie was the ultimate code breaker--it could break any code in the world, meaning there would be no more secrets. Given how easy it is to share and find information of all kinds online, is it possible to keep secrets anymore?


  1. Well, when you come across this you always want to think more then once whether a person is telling the truth. You can't really trust whom you talk to online it's sort of your own opinion, because one person like your friend might say that the person you're talking to is real while you might obviously think that they're not. The best that you can do to verify someone's identity is to look up about them or something or just close out the conversation, those are really the only two options. Well, first off we have to remember the saying, respect the impossible, and the answer to that question is yes and no. Yes if a person is gullible enough to write all of their information online . No if a person is not gullible and does not put their stuff online.

  2. I don't know much about the on line identity. I do here tones of adds about identity theft and company's that provide coverig and protection. I can see how you might say you have a face book and all the people ther you know in person so theirs no problem but what about having to have a confrins on line with your boss and coworkers. or have to talk to the bank. Or even bigger, when you by something on line or when a big company bys something over the internet. How do they trust the person their giving there credit card and identity to. I think they incript things and have thos covrig company's help. I think thos company's you things like coads and i dentiti stouf to see if the person on line machines the real one. Like checks and how they have coads that only the bank knows wich ones are real or not. I think as hackers get better and better hiding thing gets better and better. I meen the hackers never took over the computer world there just always right on the tail of the hiders.

  3. well, internet, now there is no way to keep anything secrete on the internet other than encrypting it with something very difficult that only you and the receiver, even then its possible to crack...internet is free access to everyone. if u go conspiracy even while im typing this some one from the government is reading this. and dont trust any one one the internet you dont know, and be careful what you write to ur friends that you do know, you never know who is watching. this goes with phones as well.

  4. It's Really Hard to trust People over the Internet because you don't know Whos who and what they look like. Because anyone can Give out a Fake picture and Say that it's what they look like. So as a Result, no one can trust anyone over the internet